Jessica grew up in a small town in Kansas where she has lived for most of her life. She knew fitness was always something she was passionate about while in high school and spent numerous evenings going to the gym with her father, learning many different things about working out and just how it was done. These times can be credited with sparking Jessica’s interest in fitness and she hasn’t look back since. She began to focus more and more on working out and discovered that she loved helping others with workouts and giving them tips. She knew that this was something she could see herself doing on a daily basis.

After pursuing a career in insurance sales and considering real estate, she decided that she needed a change. In 2015, Jessica decided to move to Oklahoma City and became certified through ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association).

Currently, Jessica’s clients range in age from 21 to 75, many of which have achieved weight-loss and a new sense of self-worth and accomplishment. She enjoys training people in preparing for weddings, fitness competitions, strength training, and lifestyle transformations. She has also worked with numerous clients that have had disabilities overcome challenges that have held them back from everyday activities.

Jessica’s main focus is to help the client see and exceed their full potential. She believes in order to get results, you have to treat every client as if they are part of your family; to understand the things they struggle with and understand each person’s own unique situation. No two individuals are the same and it’s so important to train everyone differently. She has taught many boot camps, worked with the handicapped, and also the elderly to increase their stability and balance. Jessica has also been kettlebell certified since 2014 through ASFA (American Sports and Fitness Association).

Jessica believes that her clients are always a top priority and is believes that it’s important to help her clients realize they can do anything they put their mind to. Fitness has changed so many aspects of Jessica’s life. Her own transformation in training exceeds physical change as she has grown both internally and emotionally. Personal training has helped her to become the person that she believes she was meant to be.